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Emergency Preparedness

UMass Office of Emergency Management prepares the UMass community by coordinating and integrating all activities necessary to build, sustain, and improve the capabilities to protect, prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters. Click above for more information.

UMass Amherst Emergency Alerts is the university’s primary emergency notification system. It alerts the UMass Amherst community of any emergency preparedness and incident related information. Texts, emails, and outdoor warnings sirens will provide you with urgent information. Click above to sign up for text alerts.

At any time, the campus may face an emergency situation. Knowing what to do in a crisis can make all the difference. Click above and familiarize yourself with potential emergencies and hazards, how we recommend you respond to those situations, and how to best seek help.

Preparing for emergencies on campus is a shared responsibility among the UMass administrators, faculty, staff, students, and their families. Preparing an emergency kit, identifying safe shelter, knowing how to evacuate, and ensuring you receive emergency alerts are a good start. Click above to familiarize yourself with these resources to learn how to prepare for different types of emergencies.